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Pay Day Resourses is partnering with Shutter Lending to bring Employers a way to address employee financial pressures. Employees will be able to receive automated pay advances – safe, secure access to their wages to pay for emergency and everyday living needs. Employees become more productive. Good will fostered. Employers can improve the recruitment and retention of their workers.

Just fill out the form to the right and we will have a representative contact you. A demo account will be set up so you can see firsthand how it works, how easy it is to get going.

Several of our clients have already successfully implemented the Shutter Lending program, freeing up their HR department staff and team leaders from having to handle employee requests for short-term loans.

Did you know that employees spend up to 20 hours per month, while at work, worrying about, trying to fix their personal financial problems?

30% of employees say they are “seriously financially stressed” and as many as 70% of employees report living “paycheck to paycheck”

There’s often a disconnect between employer and employee – what is important? What motivates performance? Managers will tell you it’s about the “PAY”. But employees more often than not will say what they want is a “Pat on the Back” to feel that they belong and are valued, have a role, part of the Team. It’s surprising how effective the little things can be. And note that UNDERSTANDING THEIR PERSONAL FINANCIAL PROBLEMS RATES VERY HIGH.

Benefits for the Employees:

Benefits for the Employer:

Here is what others are saying about the Shutter Lending product:

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True Live Quotes from Employees Using Shutter Lending:

“This has helped out in so many ways! If I just needed extra cash so I could do something or when I'm out of gas and can't get to work! Shutter was available! It's very easy and efficient and super fast! That's the greatest thing! Even when I call in they're always willing to help always getting me here I need to go and solved every problem!! Very good customer service and makes ne even more confident about the product!” “When I am in a bind its good to know that it is a resource for me to use as an option for finances”

“I was able to put my "NEW CAR" on the road thanks to Shutter Lending, Also I borrowed once in the fall/winter to heat the house! Thanks for your help Shutter Lending!”

“I am a single parent of three. When the children have unexpected expenses I have to have money and this is a way for me to get the money.”

“Money for medicine, money for car repairs, money for gas, when needed quickly - I know I can have the money within a day or two... convenient...”

“My car broke down with no other way of fixing it shutter lending provided the cash i needed.”

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